Explore the Fraser Canyon

Travel the Trans-Canada north from the lavish greens of Hope, and watch in awe as the landscape transforms before your eyes! Carved by the whirling waters of the mighty Fraser River, the Fraser Canyon will inspire and enthral with its towering rocky cliffs, thundering waterfalls, and primeval forests. Steeped in a rich tapestry of history, ancient voices of Indigenous voices echo through the canyon, combined with present-day strength and resilience. Rousing stories of Gold Rush and railroad history are still told in towns dotted along the route. Follow the serpentine twists of the highway through seven tunnels bored through mountainsides, with opportunities for wild adventure around every corner.


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Explore Our Communities

The Fraser Canyon has a rich variety of communities full of culture and history! As you wind your way through the Canyon, each one is worth a stop! Whether you’re stopping at a diner for a bite to eat, or an intriguing locally owned shop that just might have that perfect souvenir, you’ll love the charm that each community holds. Learn more about what makes each community unique below!

Welcome to Hope

If you're travelling up the Fraser Canyon, Hope is where you'll start! This small but lively town hosts stunning 360 degree mountain views and trails to take you up to their viewpoints. There are also plenty of great long standing, locally owned shops and restaurants that you won't want to miss!