Understanding the Online World

Educate, Entertain, Empower and Engage your audience

We will help you understand the keys to a successful social marketing and digital campaign so you can make it work for you.

Before you communicate with your target audience, you need to be clear about your objectives and know how to deliver your message in the most effective way. We will work with you to do a marketing analysis to clearly define your organization’s goals, objectives, and target audience; and determine who the key players are in your industry, what they are doing, and how to best share your company’s story.

From website design, content, and social media marketing to campaign and training, we will help you navigate the ever-changing online world. We will meet with you to assess your business needs and plan a strategy for success, taking your organization through a series of phases.

“Let’s Share Your Story in the Best Way Possible”

Our Process

Before diving in, we need to take a step back and review the current state of your online content to ensure that we create a plan that will get results. We will look at the goals and objectives for your company, learn about your target audience, examine your competitors and evaluate your messages. We offer assessments as part of our overall package; and can also provide a detailed review of all aspects of your online marketing, social media and traditional marketing efforts, and report on actionable steps.

Just like everything in business, you need to have a road map when it comes to your online marketing. We will develop a strategic digital marketing plan that brings into alignment all aspects of your content marketing, online marketing, social media, website and traditional marketing efforts. We will identify which platforms, content and strategies will be best to help you achieve your business goals.

Ensuring that you have your platforms set up, optimized and connected together correctly is extremely important. We can help you through every step from creating your accounts, aligning them with your brand, and helping you to execute your strategy.

Coming up with relevant content that educates, entertains, empowers and engages your audience can be a full-time job. We help you create a content calendar and system so you have an ongoing plan for content including blogs, video, images, contests and campaigns. We believe that digital marketing is most effective when YOU are managing and engaging with your audience but we will help support you through coaching, training and ongoing support.

We have a team of contractors that we work closely with on a daily basis to help cover every element of your digital strategy. We believe in focusing on what we do best and finding others to fill in the gaps. Our team of professionals include photographers, videographers, writers, website designers and SEO specialists. Together we can ensure that all elements of your online marketing follow the same strategic plan to help you get results.

Whether you are a small business owner or the CEO of a large organization, our workshops take you through the necessary steps to target your audience, grow your business and help you reach your goals. See our training and workshop section for more details.